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Antistress massage works on the muscles tensions and the connective tissues through rhythmic and combined maneuvers, in order to eliminate physical and mental tiredness due to the incessant flow of modern life. It will make you rediscover your inner balance.
55 min. € 70 | 85 min. € 100


A relaxing massage against daily stress, using slowly and enveloping movements to reach a physic and mental wellness.
55 min. € 65 | 85 min. € 95


A relaxing massage made with precious and 100% natural oils, enriched with oriental essences( Frangipane, Jasmine or Lotus) to restore new energy and remove stress.
60 min. € 80


Deep and strong movements on specific body’s areas, it helps to relief tense muscles: suggested for those who play sport and those who have muscle knots.

45 min. € 65


This massage combines the effects of the thermotherapy with manual techniques. It restores the inner harmony, increases vitality and energy, and balances the mind, body and soul.
50 min. € 65 | 80 min. € 95


Slow, soft and enveloping massage that provide optimal relaxation and calm.
55 min. € 65


Specific feet and legs massage against heaviness and tiredness sensation.
30 min. € 40


Arnica hot wrap and specific deep tissue techniques to relax the muscles.
30 min. € 40


In this ritual the massage is done with hot and cold stones, alternately and simultaneously. After the first hour, the seven crystals are added and placed corresponding to the chackras. The benefits are differents, the heat relax and the cold stimulate, for a mental and physical renovation.
80 min. € 95


For those who wants to share a special moment, massage for two in the same room.
50 min. € 160 (SPA entry included for 1 hour)|55 min. € 130 (SPA entry not included)


Our exclusive Spa offers endless relaxing moments, all to experience.

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