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Massages in Vicenza

What's better than a massage to rebalance body and mind, align energy points or relieve pain? The massage, in addition to a beauty ritual, is a form of care and therapy, primordial, instinctive and very powerful.

The gift of a beneficial touch, practiced on the right points, can awaken unexpected sensations and dissolve long-accumulated tensions, all in a natural way. In our spa hotel Viest we are aware of the magic of this art, as precious as it is ancient. This is why our staff specializes in the practice of a wide range of massages in Vicenza, according to the needs and particularities of each body.

The enveloping atmosphere of our Viest Benessere spa will make your wellness experience relaxing and totally satisfying, for body and spirit. The wellness center is open to hotel guests and external customers for three-hour shifts. Massages and beauty treatments are available upon reservation and for a fee, subject to availability of the staff.


Relaxing massages by Viest Benessere

Stress or exhausting worries, fatigue, muscle aches that take away your smile or the search for renewed intimacy with your partner. These are some of the reasons that lead to relying on the practice of massage, with its curative, relaxing, relaxing or relational power.

In our spa in Vicenza, we offer countless massages with virtuous properties. To get rid of mental illness, the Viest Antistress massage is the ideal solution. An expert masseuse performs a series of combined, rhythmic and progressive maneuvers on the body, with beneficial effects on the connective, muscular and joint systems. In this way we cancel the stimuli of different natures that produce stress. To forget reality for an hour, the Classic Relax massage works with gentle and reassuring touches, which relax the body and mind in a few moments. To share the virtues of this ancient healing technique with those you love, and rediscovering lost intimacy, we offer the Relax Couple Massage, in a double cabin, to be able to lose yourself in the other's gaze while relaxing completely.

Finally, to combine the gentle maneuvers of the classic relaxing massage with the precious notes of rice oil, with moisturizing, nourishing and repairing properties on the skin, Giardino d’Oriente is the perfect ritual. Sixty minutes of absolute well-being, of muscles and nerves, ennobled by the concentrated rice oil and the irresistible fragrances of Francipane, Jasmine flower or Lotus.


Hot stones and sports massages in Vicenza

Hot stone treatments are a panacea to soothe body aches. Our massages with hot stones in Vicenza combine the benefits of thermotherapy with those of manipulation. The hot stones placed in the focal points and an effective massage with oil contribute to skin vasodilation, which brings generalized well-being to the body.

For an unprecedented experience, we suggest the Ritual Hot/Cold Stones and 7 crystals: a combination of extraordinary sensations, with immediate effects on muscle relaxation. Hot and cold stones are placed, static or in motion, on the body; after an hour the 7 crystals are added in correspondence with the chakras with beneficial effects not only physical but also mental and spiritual regeneration.

Finally, our spa in Vicenza offers solutions designed for athletes, such as the sports massage, which releases muscle tension and stimulates the nerve endings, or the back massage, practiced with a warm arnica pack to relax the back muscles.

If you are looking for a massage center in Vicenza, Hotel Viest is the perfect solution for you, at any time.

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