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Bleisure: when business trips become leisure opportunities

It is the fusion of business and leisure, that is work and pleasure, but at the same time a trend that goes well with a corporate welfare policy that goes beyond the usual benefits. It’s the new trend that companies are working on to match the travel of their employees with leisure situations.

Stop to those boring and heavy business trips in which you arrive on site the evening before or the morning itself and it's all a chase of meetings and meetings and then immediately return to the base. Bleisure is a business way of traveling, but which is increasingly giving way to the pleasant aspect of travel: being in a different place than usual, in some cases never seen before and being able to go beyond the customer-hotel journey by enjoying what there is to visit, local dishes, the beauties of the city.

This trend, not very new to tell the truth, but which has been going on for some years, has a name that is the crasis between business (business) and leisure (leisure): bleisure to be precise. A clear anglosaxon word that summarizes what happens more and more often to employees: those who are traveling, instead of returning, decide to extend their stay by "sticking" extra days of vacation or leave.

It does this in particular if it is the weekend, but it often happens even on a day such as Tuesday or Wednesday, also thanks to the fact that in an era of "we are always connected and reachable" thanks to smartphones and wi-fi , in case you need to connect to send an e-mail or make a short call, it is not difficult to do so and thus maintain contact with the headquarters.

On which occasions does a business trip turn into a pleasure trip?

The opportunities are many:

  1. when in the evening, after the last business meeting, we allow ourselves some time for ourselves by booking a special dinner, a treatment in a wellness center or an aperitif with a view of the city;
  2. if we have two or three free hours between one meeting and another and we manage to make some time to do some shopping or see an exhibition;
  3. when we get up early in the morning and decide to reach the place of our business appointment by walking in the historic center of the city or jogging in the park;
  4. if the business trip ends near the weekend and we can afford to extend the stay in the city for a few days.

Taking advantage of business trips to get to know a city has many advantages. First of all, it allows you to travel while saving money because the trips are often paid for by your company. Secondly, it makes the business trip much less stressful because it gives you a pleasant reason to conclude your business or project with all the necessary proactivity.

Here's how bleisure is good for employees but also for businesses. Of all sizes.


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