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The massage experience

It is not just a beauty ritual

Massaging is one of the oldest forms of art practiced by man and was certainly the first form of treatment and therapy on Earth, perhaps because it is instinctive and natural.

Massage is not just a beauty ritual. The massage allows you to harmonize the body and mind, reducing stress and relieving pains caused by tension, facilitating sleep and increasing well-being.

At Viest Benessere every massage therapist is a professional who constantly improves and learns new techniques and movements that will help you stretch your muscles and relax your mind. The surrounding environment is fundamental, as are the sounds and fragrances.

The experience of the massage at Viest Benessere is not limited to the touch, the techniques, the warmth of the hands massaging you. Our body interacts through five senses, including smell. We believe that the choice of oils is fundamental and each of us belongs to a different essence. Don't you know them? Our massage therapists will be there to explain the benefits of each oil used.

Why would you choose the Viest Benessere wellness centre? Because during your massage you will feel that we are taking care of you, of your legs and your back.

The feeling you will be left with home is of peace and well-being. Our goal is to give the client an energetic rebalancing, a deep and better perception of their body, their emotions and feelings. We offer subscriptions to amplify the benefits of the massage: from time to time, the therapist will learn about your body and will apply different techniques and pressures in the manoeuvres according to your body needs.

Not sure which massage to choose? Tell us the feeling you are looking for, what you would like to get from the massage, what you expect. If you are looking for total relaxation and to disconnect from the world for a couple of hours, then the RELAXING massage is perfect for you. On the other hand, if you are dreaming of a romantic moment with your partner, you must go for the COUPLES MASSAGE. Why not to try something as innovative as it is ancient? THAI massage is reserved for women.

There is a massage suitable for each of us, it will be our job to tailor one for you, in total safety and in compliance with health and hygiene regulations.

Massage is a moment FOR YOU, totally dedicated to taking care of yourself. An hour of your time and a massage done with professionalism are enough to renew your energy and restore the balance between body and mind.

The world of massage is wonderful, as are the benefits, reactions and sensations it brings with it.