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Three Venetian villages to visit in spring

Leaving on a spring getaway is almost a duty: the air fills with the harmonious melody of birds, and the fragrance of flowers; the sun ignites the meadows with a young and irresistible green, while heavy jackets give way to soft, skin-kissed shirts. Veneto is one of the most captivating regions in Italy, a place where the first days of spring awaken nature and villages from their winter lethargy, offering visitors unprecedented glimpses of our land.

If you're staying at Hotel Viest in Vicenza this season, amid a spa session and a tantalizing lunch at our restaurant, we highly recommend exploring some charming villages just a few kilometers away.


Marostica's medieval charm

Marostica, known as the 'Chess Village,' offers a captivating journey into the past. Its medieval walls tell tales of ancient duels, and in spring, the village awakens under the warmth of the sun and a gentle breeze – visiting it is an utterly breathtaking experience! Wander through the winding streets of Marostica, where every step provides an opportunity for discovery. Flowers bloom along the alleys, creating a colourful carpet that enchants at first glance. The gentle scents of a thousand blossoms intoxicate the air, evoking an atmosphere reminiscent of an Impressionist painting.

Not to be missed is the famous living chess game, the true centrepiece of Marostica's tradition. This medieval reenactment occurs every two years in the renowned Chess Square, in front of the Lower Castle, and has its roots in a legend. It is said that in 1454, two noble warriors both fell in love with Lionora, the daughter of the Castellan of Marostica. To win her hand, the Castellan proposed that the contenders settle their dispute through a game of chess rather than a duel. The living chess game takes place on the second Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of September in even-numbered years, involving over five hundred participants in period costumes.

Therefore, if you visit Marostica in spring, you won't witness this spectacular event, but you'll be captivated by the sinuous Venetian hills and the parade of cherry blossoms, draped in a fairy-like delicacy.


Soave, between history and nature

Begin your journey in Soave – voted the most beautiful village in Italy in 2022 – with a visit to the majestic medieval castle, rebuilt by the Scaligeri and Venetians. Three courtyards surrounded by walls encircle the keep, flanked by the lords' residence. Towering imperiously on the horizon, the ancient fortification offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the surrounding countryside.

As you stroll through the narrow streets of the ancient village, you'll be captivated by an authentic and irresistible atmosphere. The Venetian-style facades guide you on a journey back in time, while charming cafes and typical trattorias are ideal places to savour exquisite local wines paired with delicious traditional dishes.

In spring, a visit to Soave provides enchanting views: native vineyards awaken from winter frost, unfolding into young, brilliantly green leaves that bring joy to the eyes. Generous vineyards surround the medieval village, yielding flavourful fruits for excellent wines. Many wineries open their doors for tastings, allowing you to savour the renowned Soave wine, famous for its freshness combined with intriguing complex notes.

If you visit Soave in May, fully experience an exciting and original event: the "Medieval Festival of Soave White Wine," featuring archers, knights, ancient crafts, and banquets where you can taste the prized local wine.


Asolo, the heart of Veneto

Asolo, a charming village nestled among the hills, is part of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy and boasts a delightful panoramic position. Its name recalls the splendours of the court of Caterina Cornaro, who, after becoming the queen of Cyprus, ceded the island to the Most Serene Republic of Venice in exchange for Asolo. From 1489 to 1509, the castle atop the hill became Caterina's prestigious residence, of which few traces remain today.

The Rocca di Asolo – symbol of the small municipality – dominates the landscape, offering a spectacular view of the village and the surrounding countryside. In spring, the gardens of the fortress are filled with colourful flowers, creating a fairytale-like scene.

In Asolo, you cannot miss the Renaissance theatre dedicated to Eleonora Duse and housed inside the Castle. During spring, the theatre offers a lively schedule of performances and cultural events that we recommend attending to grasp the socio-cultural uniqueness of the village. To conclude your excursion, take a leisurely stroll through the splendid Gardens of Villa Barbaro. This Palladian villa, surrounded by Italian gardens, is a feast for the eyes, especially when spring paints every corner in vibrant green and fragrant flowers.


Stay at Hotel Viest in spring and fall in love with the villages' irresistible charm just a few kilometres from your room.