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Vicenza in a Day: Best Places to Visit

Sometimes I happen to come across some websites that propose several tours in Vicenza or in others cities in Veneto region. Most of the times these tours are not written by tourism professionals...with the inevitable consequence of running into at least two problems:

1.       1. Advise to visit too many things in relation to the available time;

2.      2. Skip the most famous and significant monuments of the city.

We don’t have to forget that the tourist is also living his vacation, short or long, that he has planned and waited for a long time. Therefore, it’s essential to put him in a position to enjoy the city in a relaxed mood and without anxiety.

Let’s say that you’re passing through the city, you have little time but you don’t want to give up the chance to savour the city’s delights...What are you going to do? Where should you start visiting?

Moreover, entrance fees are another obstacle. Tourist are often deterred by the ticket prices and they are not able to assess whether the price is fair in relation to the monument he is going to pay for.

In other words, this is the question: where should I invest my money in order to visit the best of the city, at a fair price?
Keep reading and you’ll have the possibility to choose between two different tours in Vicenza: the first mainly focused in the historical centre, the second one coupled with two Veneto villas.

Are you ready? Let’s go! 


TOUR 1: Vicenza Historical Centre

The City of Palladio has a great fortune: extensive pedestrian zone that stretches from Corso Palladio and the near streets.

Thanks to its structure, you can visit Vicenza and enjoy your time walking in the tiny streets so that you can visit the historical centre without stress and far away from the city traffic.
If you decide to spend your whole day visiting, my advice is to buy in advance the Musuem Card that allows you to get in all the monuments of Vicenza with a single ticket. It costs 15€ per person and you can buy it at the Touristic Point located in Piazza Matteotti (ask the reception for further information). You will have enough time to use it for 4 or 5 entrance/monuments.

 teatro Olimpico, Vicenza


1.    Teatro Olimpico​: masterpiece of the artist Andrea Palladio and the first indoor theatre of the Modern Age. It is located inside of a Medieval castle, the ancient palace of the Territory.

2.    Palazzo Chiericati:​ it has been recently restored, at the moment, this Palladian building is used as headquarters of the city art gallery. You can find paintings of Venetian painting made between the XIV and XVIII centuries.

3.    Chiesa di S. Corona:​ building of the XIII century which preserves important masterpieces like the come the marble inlaid altar, by G.B. Bellini and Paolo Veronese.

4.    Palladium Museum:​ it’s another palladian building who is now home to the CISA (International Centre of Architecture Studies). It retrace the life and works of the rinascimental architect Andrea Palladio.

5.    Gallerie d’Italia Palazzo Leoni Montanari:​ it is the only baroque palace in the city that preserves a permanent exhibition of painters of the XVIII century from Veneto, including Pietro Longhi and the futurists of Venetian architecture.

 Palazzo Chiericati, Vicenza

It’s better to visit the several monuments following the order in which they’ve been explained above, in order to second the opening times and avoid to miss the chance to get in.
Finally...you can’t miss the main square of Vicenza Piazza dei Signori with its amazing two buildings Basilica palladiana and Loggia del Capitanio: these are two of the most favourite meeting points for the locals​.


TOUR 2: Vicenza Historical Centre and Veneto villas

Villa Valmarana "ai nani", Vicenza

If you are not much of a museum guy but you’d love to dip into the atmosphere of Veneto villas, you better plan your day in the following way.
In the morning you can visit the historical centre and visit the Olimpic Theatre and S. Corona, while in the afternoon you’ll get to visit two unique works of art: Villa La Rotonda and Villa Valmarana “ai nani”.

One thing is for sure: whether you choose the first or the second tour, you’ll get back at the hotel relaxed and with the certainty that you’ve had the most that Vicenza can offer you in a day.

Villa La Rotonda, Vicenza